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School Profile & Mission

Liberty is a private Preparatory and High school, which enrolls students who are ages 3 to 18 years. The school facilitates students who work best in small class sizes (maximum 25 students). In addition, we pride ourselves in encouraging strong Christian values and developing healthy self-esteem through the use of music, drama and other extra-curricular activities. The school is conveniently located and the environment is therapeutic.

Liberty embraces students of varying abilities (advanced students, as well as, strugglers), and partially operates on the “Inclusive Model of Education”. Therefore, the school facilitates students who are in regular education, and also those who have Special Needs (e.g. Mild Autism & Learning Disabilities). For this reason, since 1994, Liberty has been an advocate for children with disabilities.


The school offers a wide curriculum and addresses the overall development of the students by assessing their needs, monitoring their progress and adapting their programmes based on individual needs. This promotes excellence in academia, as well as, fostering the development of integrity, positive social skills, boldness, integrity, critical thinking, environmental awareness and awareness of the transforming power of God in their lives.

Liberty is directed by a visionary school board, of which, the co-principals (one for the preparatory and one for the high) are integral members. The policies and programmes are implemented by a team of highly trained and experienced administrators/managers, teachers, office personnel, security staff and ancillary workers.

To date, the Preparatory School's programme, which is comprised of eleven inclusive mainstream classes and three exceptional needs classes has shown very good success by maintaining an overall academic average of 87%. Each year, it also achieves 94% – 97% mastery in National Assessments. The students have also earned numerous awards and medals for performances in Local and International Competitions including gold and silver medals for Drumming and Recorder Playing in ‘The World Championships of the Performing Arts,’ as well as, gold and silver medals in 'Festival' for Drama and Music. Other areas of accomplishment have included awards for chess, tennis, swimming, gymnastics, debating, Information Technology and Special Olympics. We also boast a government scholar.

The High School Department currently offers small group instructions to students at the Grade 7-11 levels, and prepares them to sit the (CXC) CSEC examinations. Over the past couple years, the graduates have performed very well, attaining overall pass rates between 70% and 81%. 

Liberty Academy at the Priory is a pioneer of ‘Inclusive Education” in Jamaica. 

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